How to Use

Take a screenshot of a running game and mark its on-screen joystick and buttons in the Blutrol app, then enjoy playing the game with a physical game controller.


Start the game you would like to play with a controller. Take a screenshot of the game where the virtual controls like a joystick and buttons are visible by pressing power button and home button at the same time.

Start the Blutrol app. It's the bluest icon on your Springboard. After the app has started do the following:

  • In the "Games" tab, hit the "+" button at the top on the right side to configure the new game.
  • Select "Game".
  • Choose the name of the game you've just taken the screenshot of.
  • In the "Screenshots" section, hit "Portrait" or "Landscape" depending on the screenshot's orientation.
  • Choose the screenshot from the Camera Roll.
  • In the "Controller Configuration", hit "Add" and choose a controller from the list. Repeat this step for other controllers if you like.
  • In the "Controls" screen, hit "Portrait" or "Landscape" depending on the screenshot's orientation.
  • The screen is showing your screenshot and the controls of the controller now. Drag these controls to the virtual controls of the game. Use the pinch gesture to resize the joystick (if available for the chosen controller). Leave controls that are not used outside of the screenshot. Double tap anywhere to hide and show the toolbar. Hit "Flip" in the toolbar to flip the screenshot if the image is rotated by 180 degrees. If you're lost, hit "Reset" to reset the position of the controls. Hit "Done" when you have dragged all the needed controls to their places.
  • In the "Controller" tab, select the controller you are going to play with.
  • If you have chosen the iCade in the "iOS Bluetooth" section you will have to go the Settings app and switch on Bluetooth (go to General, Bluetooth). Choose or pair the ION iCade, iMpulse, or your iCade-compatible controller. You find the instructions how to pair the iCade on the underside of the iCade's top cover. Make sure your device is set to QWERTY keyboard (go to General, International, Keyboards).
  • If you have chosen a controller from the "BTstack" section, hit "Connect" and follow the instructions in order to pair/connect the controller.
  • Close the Blutrol app. Start your game and enjoy.